Barrio Escalante, a place to be in Costa Rica

If you are having some vacations in Costa Rica we’ll definitely recommend you this: go to visit Barrio Escalante in San José, this town is a place to be in this country, a place where you are going to have an amazing time with friends or just by yourself, why I’m telling you this? Well in this article I going to give the reasons.

Barrio Escalante’s location

The place is located in the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose city, this zone is full of energy and is the one of the most recurring places to go and have some party time, in San Jose you probably will see the most active nightlife, Barrio Escalante is one of the most trendy places to be, the favorite for most of the people in Costa Rica and is important that it’s a pretty safe place.

Barrio Escalante´s food

This is probably the main reason to visit this city, you can see a lot of restaurants and bars options around the area, from corner to corner you will see the most curious spaces, and this place is known as the Gastronomic Walk. Most of the business are on the sidewalk and you can pass and see the people laughing and having fun, the decoration of the streets is beautiful with a lot of lights in the skies, the food is amazing, there are all kind of food, like Costa Rica’s food, Italian, Mexican, there are many hipster Coffee shops and the most delicious craft beer in the bars.

Barrio Escalante’s architecture

This place preservers a lot of the original structures almost intact to give you the total experience related to the history of the zone, the first’s buildings are from 1930, so there is a lot of Costa Rica’s culture in there, one of the best buildings to visit in the city is the Museum Dr. Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia. A wage of history, culture, cuisine and entertainment makes Barrio Escalante a total center of culture for Costa Rica’s capital city, San José that you must visit.

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