Costa Rican food

The typical dishes of Costa Rica

Have you ever been to Costa Rica and tried the traditional food? Costa Rican food incorporates several basic elements of Latin American cuisine and is distinguished by being much healthier with the inclusion of a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

1. Casado

Casado is the most common dish in Costa Rica. It consists of beans, rice with finely diced red peppers and onions, fried bananas, a cabbage salad with tomato and carrot, and a choice of meat between chicken, fish, pork or veal with roasted onions.

Meat comes with a broiled or sauteed, but never fried. Sometimes, the married person includes potato chips or extra vegetables, such as avocados.

2. Ceviche

Costa Rican CevicheCeviche is an appetizer consisting of fresh raw fish marinated in citrus juices like lemon with finely chopped herbs and vegetables. In Costa Rica, the best ceviche is made with local tilapia or corvina (white sea bass) and cilantro, garlic, chilli, onion and celery.



3. Gallo Pinto

Costa Rican Gallo PintoGallo Pinto is the typical Costa Rican breakfast. It consists of rice and beans mixed together, fried or scrambled eggs, minced meat, fried plantains and tortillas. A popular custom in Costa Rica is to pour the Lizano sauce on the rooster pinto, sweet greenish brown with the slightest hint of spice.




4. Olla de Carne

Costa Rican Olla de CarneThe Olla de Carne is a tasty and rich nutrient stew made with huge pieces of meat, potatoes, carrots, chayote, bananas, yucca, sweet potatoes, green bananas, and sweet potatoes.






5. Tamales

Costa Rican tamales are boiled with banana leaves stuffed with a mixture of corn flour, rice with saffron, pork, and a variety of beans and vegetables.

6. Pejibaye

The pejibaye is the fruit of an American palm tree. This food mainly contains carbohydrates and is a good source of dietary fiber and vitamins A and C. It is thick and very fibrous and is prepared by boiling in water with vegetables, meat and salt.

7. Coffee

Costa Rica is synonymous of excellent coffee. Different areas of Costa Rica are coffee producers, both small producers and large exporters.

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