Five restaurants with the best Costarican food

One of the things you most do when you’re visiting Costa Rica is to try the Costa Rica’s cuisine, this country has a dish for all tastes and you can try different recipes made of fish, corn, several types of meats, vegetables, tropical fruits among other. There are a lot of possibilities of delicious restaurants all over Costa Rica, but I’m going to give you 5 really good options to try when you come to this amazing country.

In the city of Cartago there is one of the most famous restaurants of the zone called “Mi Tierra”, in this place you can find Costa Rica’s typical food such as tamal, elote (corncob), handmade tortilla, also you can try the typical Costa Rican dish that is called “casado” for lunch, this dish includes rice, beans, ripe banana and salad accompanied by the meat of your choice. This restaurant is also a great option for breakfast and coffee time.

Another place, in Costa Rica’s capital, San José, to taste typical food of this country is “La Tortillería”, this restaurant is a small place in the down town with a lot of options and with the perfect Costa Rica cuisine touch, in here you can try the amazing coffee of Costa Rica fields, also you can eat the typical “Gallo pinto”, this dish is normally eaten by the “ticos” at breakfast time, is a mixture of rice and beans accompanied by eggs or meat, ripe bananas and cheese, all served on a giant tortilla… trust me is delicious!

Alajuela city is a very traditional city, at the town of La Garita there are a lot of restaurants with typical dishes of Costa Rica, one of our favorite one is called “Delicias de mi tierra”, the food is served in wooden pans with banana leaves. You can try in this place the famous “Olla de carne”, this dish is ideal for a Sunday lunch, consists of a soup full of different Vegetables (potato, cassava, sweet potato) with beef in large proportions, accompanied by rice, this is one of the favorite dishes in costarican families.

If you are more of the food style of the sea, go to the city of Puntarenas is a great option, you will spend a nice time with the beach in front of your eyes and enjoy the tropical weather, in this area you can visit the town of Dominical and go to “El Pescado Loco” restaurant, a nice local business with delicious dishes like a whole fish, cuts of different fish breaded or garlic, seafood soups, ceviche, shrimp, among others, a perfect place to have a great lunch or dinner.

And last but not least, if you want to know other side of Costa Rica’s culture you can visit the city of Limon at the Caribe of this country, if you go to one of the famous beaches of the zone called Puerto Viejo, you should go to Lidia’s Place, a restaurant where you can try the traditional Caribbean food of this zone, specially the famous Rice & Beans, the “gallo pinto” it is cooked with large red beans, coconut milk, thyme and Panamanian peppers, and served with chicken in hot tomato or coconut sauce alongside patacones, twice-fried green plantains; So good!

Come to Costa Rica and try their tasty food!


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