La Tortillería, a taste of Costa Rica’s food

When you come to visit Costa Rica you are going to have a great life time experience, why? Well, Costa Rica has it all! Landscapes, nice people, beaches, nature and of delicious food.

Today, we want to talk to you a little bit of one of the restaurants that reflects the culture of this country and can give you the pure test of Costa Rica cuisine.

We’re talking about La Tortillería, this restaurant has two locations, one and the most visited is in San José, this is the capital city of Costa Rica and due to that is easy to get there and the other one is in Cartago, amazing city with the perfect weather.

La Tortilleria Costa RicaThe experience in this place was amazing, all the atmosphere of the place is based on Costa Rica’s culture and traditions, all the dishes that they offer are really good, but the breakfast is the most delicious and of course you can join the food with the famous coffee of Costa Rica. One and the most requested breakfast is called “Pintortilla” is a big homemade tortilla, over the tortilla they put the “Gallopinto”, that is one of the most typical food in Costa Rica, the Gallopinto is accompanied with eggs, cheese, natilla (custard) and sweet plantains.

In addition, the service is pretty fast, you will see that this place is always full of people but they know how to handle that and give you a fast service, and last but not least, the prices are quite affordable for any budget.

There you go, one more reason to come and visit Costa Rica!

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