‘Lonely Planet’ recommends visiting Costa Rica in March and November

The prestigious international tourist guide Lonely Planet recommends to visit Costa Rica in the months of March and November. In its most recent list of ideal destinations for this year, the magazine ensures that both months are great for those who seek sun and rest.

In fact, there is a chapter dedicated to our country written by Ashley Harrell, who said: “The night I moved to Costa an expat in a bar congratulated me. ‘The best part,’ she said, ‘is you can do anything here.’ She wasn’t talking about traveling the entire country, undertaking extreme adventures or attending a Christmas party in a bikini (but yeah, done all that). She meant that people here have the time, freedom and permission to truly live. Want to sleep in a shack and surf constantly? Do it. Want to rescue baby sloths? Somebody has to. I wanted to travel, study wildlife, write and feel alive. Now I do. Pura vida.”

Other places recommended by Lonely Planet for this year – there are more than two countries per month – are Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Belize, Ecuador, Zambia, Scandinavia, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, United States, Brazil, Morocco, Moldovia, Italy, Montenegro, New Zealand, Maldives and Singapore.There are also country specific sites listed as Venice, Ibiza, Michoacan, Florida, Sydney, Bay Islands in Honduras , Mendoza in Argentina or Tyrol in Austria.

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