Must have apps for traveling

Guidebooks and paper maps always occupied an extra space in your bag and are one of the clunky items which are to be carried if you are travelling domestic or internationally. Technology has proven to be boon to travel industry and has helped in lightening your physical load by creating some of the must-haves travel apps.

So just like you ensure that tickets and hotels are booked for your upcoming vacation, make sure you are well-thumbed too long before you arrive by ensuring that your smartphone is ready for fresh onslaught of travel apps.

So get your fingers ready as this post will talk about five must have apps for travelling!

1. Google Translate and Maps:

Although these are the ones which are very basic and every traveller should have it but still it’s worth mentioning because this one deserves topmost spot! Google maps are customizable and show you routes which can help you in reaching your destination well before time and routes you on the path with less traffic.

You can download offline maps and routes through Google if you are going at height in mountains where you know that your network won’t work properly. On similar terms, communication is very important especially when you are travelling to different country or different region in your own country.

Google Translate helps you in offline and real time translation. You can download the language which you need and then search for words or if you want to understand what is written on the wall then you can just aim the camera on the text and the app will translate it for you!

2. Triplt:

This app is your best friend when it comes to planning and maintains record of all activities related to your itinerary. If you are not very good at keeping track of your booking numbers and schedules then this app will help you a lot. All you need to do is to forward your confirmation emails to this app and it will remind you of your upcoming schedule and if you have to catch a flight it will also show various options to commute and time at which you should leave your place to reach on time.

3. Data Manager:

If you want to save yourself from running dry in a strange city then this app is must as it tracks how much data have you used and also shows you apps that are sucking your mobile data!

4. AroundMe:

As the name suggests, this app helps you in identifying where you are and also lists down the basic places around you! It can tell you nearest gas station, bank, supermarket, movie hall, hospital, restaurants with ratings, amusement parksand much more.

5. Dark Sky:

If your trip includes a multi-hour trip of a city then it is necessary that you should check the weather forecasts before leaving your apartment. Many apps guide you about the weather but this one gives you granular level forecast helping you to know the exact chance of rain falling at each area. So if you love walking in the rain or you hate it, you should download this one to guide you through to ensure that weather doesn’t turn out to be a spoiler.

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