10 Places in Costa Rica Where Cupid Does His Best!

The best period of the year when an adventurous cupid brings couples together in Costa Rica. Here are some perfect recommendations for those who want to conquer or those who want to leave the so-called friend-zone. So encourage yourself that you have nothing to lose, if you do not take a kiss we will refund the money.

Catarata Diamante

If you want to be like the most adventurous couple, you just have to climb a mountain; reach a cool cataract; watch the sunset on top of one of the highest south-handed waterfalls… More romantic than that; impossible! Now imagine sleeping in a cave next to the cataract, it is dangerous that you can even fight to swell and wait for the yes.

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Tesoro Escondido

Walk and reach a turquoise cataract so amazing that seems unreal. Just to enjoy with that special person. Swim together, consumed, splashing from the hand, making a picnic and can take the dog, like a whole family. From fixed, a good kiss is earned, who removes and underwater.

Cerro Tinajitas

A great hill with a dreamy viewpoint and best of all… so close to civilization. Just to enjoy a spectacular sunset. It is perfect to sit down and enjoy the legitimate yawn with stretching and boom end up hugs.

Río Savegre

Go to walk in an almost delighted forest, easy to travel and close the trip with a picnic next to river… We know they will never forget it. The Pueblito is super welcoming, which helps create a more romantic environment. Tip can wear a bottle of wine for that of cold

Cascada Rana Roja

A farm that is fixed is to conquer even the most animal, this because it has everything, cataract, ponds, nature, cabins, and delicious food… if this does not help you then look for another person.

Bosque de La Hoja

Near the Central Valley, this place has super cute trails and paddock for super cool picnics. Go spread up a mantica; prepare a good sandwich; make him a heart of mayonnaise, take a couple of cakes. Fill them with what you want and romantic with that special person a good time

Cascada Malatoba

Away Del Braulio Carrillo is a cool hotel, with a movie cataract… And it is not bothering, there they filmed After Earth from Will Smith!! So it is already gaining, you can achieve the atmosphere of a romantic movie where what is left over is the love, worthy of Hollywood.

SUP Herradura

There is nothing coolest than soaking of love by doing a bit of standup paddle on a beach surrounded by mountains and in addition to San Jose! A couple challenge that, although they are not experts, will leave good memories to laugh after a while.

Bosque del Niño

This place is a dream; it combines a paddock, mountain, cataract, and viewpoint in just 1 single place. Going just walking, picnicar, and enjoying the companion of that special person. If you are getting very difficult to get a kiss, you can propose games as a hidden American in the middle forest or bottle at the picnic.

Playa Rajada

How cracked can it be a beach that is cradled? Now add your favorite person, walking on the beach, writing their names inside a heart in the sand, playing in the waves and finishing watching a beautiful sunset… Uff, that is epic, is it not? Well, I think I fell in love with it.

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