2 men and 3 women captured for drugs

(CRHoy.com) The Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) confirmed the capture of 5 people in Siquirres, as they are suspected of selling and distributing drugs.

They are 2 men of 26 and 35 years old, as well as 3 women (two of 26 years and one of 32 years) that were investigated since June, after receiving confidential information.

“Apparently, the 32-year-old woman was the one who led the group and who apparently distributed the drug to the other suspects, so that they made sales in the La Guaria neighborhood sectors, specifically in the sector known as Puente Negro and Barrio Nazareth of Siquirres ”, informed the OIJ.

The judicial police detailed that They raided 4 houses in Puente Negro de La Guaria and in the Nazareth neighborhood. The agents seized a kilo of cocaine ready for distribution, several doses of crack and marijuana, as well as cash.

Authorities also link the 35-year-old suspect to a firearm assault, in which the victim was stripped of a bicycle and his belongings.

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