(2021) Costa Rica Luxury Travel: 7 Types Of High-End Accommodations For Luxe-Loving Travelers

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Costa Rica luxury travel

Ah, Costa Rica. Land of verdant forests, bountiful wildlife, active volcanoes, hardworking people, rice and beans, award-winning coffee, and… luxury?

Costa Rica is a revered vacation destination for countless reasons, the most popular of which tend to be the nation’s beaches, biodiversity, adventure tours, and natural landscape. From one home base during a single visit you can surf or practice yoga at a pristine beach, spot elusive birds and mammals in the wild, zipline around treetops in the rainforest or the cloud forest, and peer into volcano craters. Just as easily, though, you can kick back at a top-rated hotel or resort, dine on meals that fuse elements of Costa Rican cuisine with signature dishes from around the world, participate in private activities chosen from a selection of curated experiences, soak in soothing hot springs, and pamper yourself with rejuvenating spa treatments. Though not as highly marketed to travelers as non-luxe Costa Rica vacations, Costa Rica luxury travel is a real and attainable experience.

We often work with travelers looking to experience the finer side of Costa Rica: the posh accommodations, the gastronomy, and the tailored service, among other things. The most popular questions we receive from these travelers inquire about places to stay; specifically, which resort in Costa Rica, all-inclusive resort in Costa Rica, or eco-resort in Costa Rica is the best to stay at. If you’re wondering the same, first ask yourself what kind of luxury travel experience you want to have in Costa Rica. Do you want to be active? Be lazy? Nourish your mind and/or body? Conduct business? Be independent? Reduce your travel footprint? There are ways to accomplish these and other wants while simultaneously experiencing luxury in Costa Rica. To help you learn how, we compiled a list of the seven types of high-end accommodations you can stay at in Costa Rica. (Continue reading below to learn about all seven accommodation types, or see our article’s Table of Contents above to jump to the accommodation type that interests you the most). Across the various accommodation types, you’ll find many of the luxe amenities and experiences displayed in our photo gallery below.

Our photo gallery of luxe Costa Rica amenities and experiences

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