(2021) EcoTermales Hot Springs Review: La Fortuna Hot Springs Guide

Last updated on April 22nd, 2021 at 03:55 pm EST

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We’ve experienced all 12 hot springs in La Fortuna Costa Rica!
Continue reading below to read about our visits to Costa Rica’s EcoTermales Hot Springs.

Overall EcoTermales Hot Springs quality: 7/10
Best feature(s) that influenced our rating (see below for our full review): Natural surroundings; river-resembling pool design; free towel and locker use

This article offers our review of the EcoTermales Hot Springs. Don’t miss all of the hot springs reviews we include in our La Fortuna Hot Springs Guide:


Get the Costa Rica info you need by browsing our article’s TABLE OF CONTENTS:

An overview of the EcoTermales Hot Springs in La Fortuna Costa Rica

Since 2002, the EcoTermales Hot Springs have been helping La Fortuna locals and visitors reap the rejuvenating rewards of thermal-water soaks. When Ricky and I first started living in La Fortuna, this property was one of only three operating hot springs attractions in town, its only major competitors being the luxe Tabacon Hot Springs (which was significantly more expensive) and the large Baldi Hot Springs (which rivaled EcoTermales in price). Everyone looking to relax at a small hot springs property that wouldn’t dent the wallet ended up at the EcoTermales Hot Springs. Us included.

Now that the Arenal area offers several hot springs attractions that vary in quality and cost, visitors can be more particular about choosing the type of hot springs experience they want to have and sticking to their hot springs budget. If you’re looking for a lively and social space where you can kick back and relax in therapeutic thermal water while conversing with friends or loved ones, EcoTermales may not be the place for you. Part of the appeal of the EcoTermales Hot Springs is that it offers a small property with quiet, natural-feeling pools you can hole up in for a few hours. Though a few other (less expensive) hot springs options in La Fortuna provide the same, the EcoTermales Hot Springs, who have managed to maintain much of their initial monopoly despite the development of competing sites (and arguably inflated rates), remain a popular choice.

Who should (and who shouldn’t) visit the EcoTermales Hot Springs

Consider choosing the EcoTermales Hot Springs if you’re looking for a hot springs site to enjoy on your own, or with a friend or significant other. Though the small property does welcome groups, such as family groups, friend groups, school groups, and sports teams, there isn’t a ton of space to comfortably spread out in, and the atmosphere is more calm than communal and entertaining.

Due to the layout of the EcoTermales Hot Springs (see the “size and design” section below for details), the EcoTermales Hot Springs are also recommended to travelers who need (or who prefer to visit) a small hot springs property that reduces walking distance between pools.

If you wish to visit a La Fortuna hot springs attraction that has a hotel on-site, it would be best to choose a different hot springs offering. The EcoTermales Hot Springs does not provide rooms/accommodations.

Learn what to expect from Costa Rica’s La Fortuna Hot Springs according to which hot springs attraction you plan to visit

Want to know what kind of thermal water experience you’ll have before you decide which hot springs in La Fortuna is the best to visit? We’ve got you covered. Not only have we personally experienced 12 different hot springs attractions in Costa Rica’s La Fortuna area alone, we’ve written a review of each La Fortuna hot springs property to help you decide for yourself which is most deserving of your time and money. Below is our review of the EcoTermales Hot Springs attraction which documents the following:

  • Location: Where you’ll find the hot springs property, complete with the hot springs’ physical address and a map
  • Hours: When you can visit the hot springs property during the day and throughout the week
  • Price range: A range of prices you can expect to pay for a hot springs pass with or without a meal included (prices are subject to change without notice)
  • Reservations: A confirmation of whether advance reservations are required to acquire a hot springs pass
  • Size and design: Whether you can expect to enjoy and explore a small, medium, or large hot springs property
  • Popularity: Whether you can expect to be joined by crowds at the hot springs
  • Pools and rivers: What you can expect to find at the hot springs in terms of thermal-water pools and rivers
  • Additional on-site features: What else you can expect to find at the hot springs in addition to thermal-water pools/rivers
  • Atmosphere: What type of ambiance you can expect to find at the hot springs
  • Dining: Whether you can expect to eat and/or drink on-site at the hot springs
  • Accommodations: Whether the hot springs property offers a hotel on-site
  • Towels and lockers: Whether you can expect to receive and/or pay for towels and lockers at the hot springs
  • Parking: Whether you can expect to find parking at the hot springs
  • 4×4 vehicle required: Whether a 4×4 vehicle is required to reach the hot springs
  • Alternative hot springs names: Other names for the hot springs property that locals, GPS navigational systems, and maps may cite

Our La Fortuna Hot Springs rating system

We also rate Costa Rica’s La Fortuna hot springs according to a 1-10 scale (1 being the worst and 10 being the best). If you’re short on time, visit each hot springs review page on our blog (we’ve written one review for each hot springs property in La Fortuna; see the top of this article for links to each review) and look for the scale to quickly identify how we rate the hot springs.

The scales look like this:

The above image depicts the lowest rating (the overall hot springs quality is 1 out of 10)

and this:

The above image depicts the highest rating (the overall hot springs quality is 10 out of 10)

To learn which rating we gave the EcoTermales Hot Springs, please see the rating provided at the top of this article.

EcoTermales Hot Springs photo gallery

We took the below photos during our most recent visit to the EcoTermales Hot Springs. Click on any photo below to view a larger version.

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