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What is gallo pinto?

A typical Costa Rican breakfast

Arguably the most Costa Rican of all things to eat in Costa Rica is gallo pinto. This staple breakfast dish is eaten by Ticos (Costa Ricans) daily. You’ll eat it daily too (and perhaps get tired of doing so) if you plan to spend a significant amount of time in the country. If it helps you any, gallo pinto is my favorite Costa Rican food, and I’m not even a big fan of beans.

Gallo pinto is built with two staple food items: white rice and black beans (less frequently, red beans are used). It’s a mix of the two foods, together with flavorful additions like salt and Costa Rica’s signature sauce, Salsa Lizano. The end product is a dry dish full of soft (and somewhat bland) rice and beans, supplemented by Lizano‘s tangy (but not spicy) zip. The dish gets its name (which translates to “speckled rooster) from the beans speckled throughout the dish.

Some servings of gallo pinto also include potent cilantro–a green, parsley-looking herb–which is an acquired taste. Sweet red pepper and onion may also be included.

Where to try gallo pinto in Costa Rica

Perhaps the easier question to answer here is where can’t you try gallo pinto in Costa Rica? To which we would answer, “nowhere!” Every restaurant in Costa Rica that serves Costa Rican cuisine and is open for breakfast has a plate full of gallo pinto with your name on it.

How to pronounce gallo pinto


  • Gallo: 2 syllables / equal emphasis on both syllables
  • Pinto: 2 syllables / equal emphasis on both syllables
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