(2021) Monteverde Cloud Forest OR Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve? What’s The Difference?

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The article below addresses the cloud forest and cloud forest reserves in Monteverde. For general information about Monteverde, including hotels, attractions, and more, don’t miss our related blog post:

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Are the Monteverde cloud forest and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve the same?

Nope! But we don’t doubt why you’ve found yourself asking this question. Several Monteverde resources, especially international resources that have loose ties to Costa Rica, erroneously use the phrases “Monteverde cloud forest” and “Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve” interchangeably, which is awfully confusing to first-time Costa Rica travelers. This is a problem because the Monteverde cloud forest and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve are two different things. To help provide clarity among a pool of misinformation, we wrote the article below, which outlines how the Monteverde cloud forest and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve are different and the types of experiences you can have at each.

About the Monteverde Cloud Forest

“Monteverde cloud forest” is a compound term that joins a destination (Monteverde) with an ecosystem (cloud forest). To undersand what the compound term represents in Costa Rica, we’ll need to look at the terms “Monteverde” and “cloud forest” separately.

What is Monteverde?

Monteverde is a rural community that sits, as the crow flies, roughly 90 kilometers northwest of San Jose, Costa Rica. (By car, Monteverde is about a 150-kilometer drive from San Jose, depending on the route taken.) Monteverde is also an inland, high-elevation, mountainous destination.

What is a cloud forest?

A cloud forest is a type of ecosystem (life zone) that typically exists at a high elevation. It is marked by significant (oftentimes persistent) low cloud cover, which creates moist air and soil, encouraging forest growth. Trees, plants, mosses, lichens, and flowers, especially orchids, flourish in Costa Rica’s cloud forests, contributing to the nation’s impressive biodiversity.

Costa Rica is home to more than one cloud forest because it has several high-altitude destinations. The most talked-about cloud forest is in Monteverde but others exist in the San Ramon, Zarcero, and San Gerardo de Dota areas, among others.

What is the Monteverde cloud forest?

The Monteverde cloud forest is one area of Costa Rica where you can experience a cloud forest ecosystem. The word “Monteverde” is assigned to the term “cloud forest” because the entire Monteverde community falls on cloud forest land. Some of the cloud forest land is protected (either by the Costa Rican government, locals, or expats), as is the case for the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve (see below for more information about the reserve). Some of the cloud forest land is public, as is the case for most of the community of Monteverde, save for private spaces in the community such as homes, hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. Often, people talk about the Monteverde cloud forest as one specific place, like an attraction or a park, when the compound term truly refers to the community of Monteverde itself. The community just happens to be set in and surrounded by cloud forest.

Within the Monteverde community (technically within the Monteverde cloud forest) is a site called the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. The word “Biological” often gets dropped from the name so you’ll likely hear the reserve referred to as the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. To learn more about the reserve, continue reading below.

About the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

As described above, the entire Monteverde community is set in the cloud forest. Inside the community, you’ll find everything from hotels and restaurants to protected land spaces called “reserves”, “biological reserves”, or “cloud forest reserves”. Though each one is different from the next in some respects, they are all the same thing at their core: an area of land within cloud forest that provides nature trails for walking and hiking. One of these reserves is the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, more commonly known as the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, which happens to be the most popular reserve in the Monteverde region. Less frequented reserves include the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, the Children’s Eternal Rainforest reserve, the Hidden Valley Reserve, the Curi Cancha Reserve, the Aguti Wildlife Refuge, the Ecological Sanctuary, and more.

To merely visit the Monteverde cloud forest in Costa Rica, all you need to do is travel to the community of Monteverde. To visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in Costa Rica, you’ll need to travel to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve within the community of Monteverde, and pay a fee to enter the reserve.

To access the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve by car, you can drive as far as the reserve’s official parking lot (you’ll need to pay to park in the lot), where you’ll catch the reserve’s complimentary shuttle service that travels to the reserve’s entrance, a quick five-minute drive up the road. (The shuttle departs regularly from the parking lot.) Here’s a map of where the parking lot is located.

Experiences inside the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

When travelers talk to us about Monteverde, one of the most common questions they ask is whether they should visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve or not. The answer to this question depends largely on the person asking it. To help you decide whether you should visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, we’ve compiled a list of the experiences you can have directly inside the reserve. An asterisk (*) signifies an activity that is unique to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, which means you can’t have it elsewhere in the Monteverde region.

  • You can walk/hike along trails that travel through the cloud forest, admiring and photographing Costa Rica’s biodiversity and a host of endemic species along the way
  • You can cross a hanging bridge
  • You can visit a small waterfall
  • You can search for birds and other wildlife
  • *You can stand atop the Continental Divide (the place at which rain that falls to the west drains into the Pacific Ocean and rain that falls to the east drains into the Caribbean Sea)*

Experiences outside the reserve but still in the Monteverde cloud forest

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