(2021) Moon Costa Rica (2019), our Costa Rica guidebook, is available for pre-order!

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Moon Costa Rica (2019), an all-new Costa Rica guidebook, is on the way!

Many of you may have noticed that Ricky and I haven’t been as active on this blog over the past few months as we have been in previous years. The truth is, we’ve been busy traveling, researching, and writing for one of the coolest projects to ever come across our desk: Moon Costa Rica.

If you’ve ever stood in the travel section of your local bookstore and scanned the shelves for the perfect guidebook, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with the name Moon. If you’re a travel newbie, you’ll quickly learn that Moon (formally, Moon Travel Guides) is one of the most recognizable and respectable guidebook brands you can buy from. Moon produces detailed travel guides to countless countries and notable regions around the world, each written by authors with tight ties to the spotlight destination and heaps of firsthand experience.


Nikki Solano

I couldn’t feel prouder to be the new author of Moon Costa Rica, Costa Rica’s contribution to Moon‘s global guidebook empire. When I stepped into the role, I had some big shoes to fill. Moon Costa Rica‘s previous author, Christopher P. Baker, built the book in the 1990s and carried it through to 2015 with updated publications every few years. Moon‘s reputation for producing high-quality, trustworthy, and beloved resources added pressure to deliver a fantastic travel guide. So did my own desire to always provide Costa Rica travelers like you with unique content and sound advice. Throw in the fact that work on the book fused two of my greatest loves–Costa Rica and writing–and you can understand why dedicating nearly all of my time and energy over the past year to the development of the next and best Moon Costa Rica was the right and necessary choice.

Moon Costa Rica 2019
Cover; Moon Costa Rica (2019)


Following 12 months of hard work, I can finally say that writing has wrapped up on the all-new Moon Costa Rica. Built from scratch, the 2019 edition (550+ pages) has new text, tips, recommendations, color photos, and maps. If you’ve read Moon Costa Rica before, something different you’ll notice about the new edition is that it focuses on experiences. The editor and I worked very hard to make this book a practical guide to sensing Costa Rica–listening to the wild soundtracks of varied ecosystems, seeing wildlife, tasting flavorful cuisine, smelling bold aromas like freshly ground Costa Rican coffee, and feeling the pura vida vibe. We aimed not just to tell you what you can do in Costa Rica, but to walk you through the process of doing it. You’ll learn where the best activities take place, what they feel like and require of you, what you need to know before signing up for them, which companies are the best to book through, and, perhaps most important, why particular experiences are worthy of your time and money.

The book is full of tons of other information, too, like which accommodations are the best to stay at (and why they deserve recognition), which transportation services are the most time- and cost-efficient, where you should go to indulge in Costa Rica’s best food and drinks, which beaches offer something special, how you can take part in local celebrations, and which sights are the country’s best. Itinerary and strategic trip-planning suggestions tailored for different types of travelers (e.g., backpackers, couples/honeymooners, families with children, nature lovers, adventurists, and beach bums) are also provided. Having spent more than a decade corresponding with Costa Rica travelers, the itineraries and travel strategies I developed for Moon Costa Rica are a combination of my professional expertise and lessons learned and shared by past travelers.

Sitting here, looking at the completed manuscript on my desk, I’m all smiles. I’m also confident Moon Costa Rica will become the most sought-after Costa Rica guidebook on the market given the intricate detail, practical information, and helpful advice it contains. Ricky, a born-and-raised Costa Rican, jammed tons of Tico (Costa Rican) heart and soul into this book, which is equally important and celebratory. He helped the new Moon Costa Rica achieve a level of authenticity that other Costa Rica guidebooks struggle to reach, likely because the majority of competition guides are written by expats. The book will be released on November 12th 2019 if you’d like to evaluate it for yourself. Until then, it’s available for pre-order through a variety of bookstores and online sellers, including but not limited to:

If you’d like to learn more about the book or Moon Travel Guides, please visit Moon‘s website.


In looking ahead to the future, new editions of Moon Costa Rica will be published every two or three years. In the meantime, you’ll find Ricky and me hard at work contributing new posts to this blog and operating our other projects, Pura Vida! eh? Inc. and DIY Costa Rica. Stay tuned for additional posts about the book, including one that details what it’s like to write a guidebook and my awesome experience working with Moon in particular.

Thank you, faithful Costa Rica Travel Blog readers, for your patience during our absence. We know you’ll welcome our newest project, Moon Costa Rica, into your Costa Rica trip planning and we’re excited for you to reap its many rewards!

Pura vida!

QUESTION TO COMMENT ON: Is there something specific you’d like to see us include in the next edition of Moon Costa Rica? If so, comment below or send us an email and we’ll be sure to consider it while we conduct research for the book.

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Moon Costa Rica (2019), our Costa Rica guidebook, is available for pre-order!

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