(2021) Must-Know Info About Monteverde Costa Rica From Seasoned Visitors

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We love Monteverde Costa Rica

If you’ve read our blog post Must-Know Info About La Fortuna Costa Rica From Longtime Residents, you already know that La Fortuna is our favorite destination in Costa Rica, mainly because it’s one of two places in Costa Rica we call home. This being said, there have been plenty of times when we needed to get away from La Fortuna, and whenever that feeling hit, more often than not, we ended up in Monteverde–La Fortuna’s neighbor across the pond (a.k.a., Lake Arenal). As a result, we’ve been to Monteverde on numerous occasions, each time staying at new hotels, touring new attractions, and dining at new restaurants. Though we loved Monteverde the first time we visited more than a decade ago, following countless subsequent visits, it’s now our second favorite destination in Costa Rica. While the area’s biologically diverse, natural environment draws in most travelers, what brings us back time and time again is the town’s down-to-earth vibe, an understated coolness that makes for a pleasant visit and remains unchanged since the first day we rolled into town.

Monteverde basics: What to expect

A sample of our personal photos from around Monteverde Costa Rica:

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