5 Things you need to know about Costa Rica

The nation of Costa Rica is different from the rest. Costa Rica is an unknown country for many, and is associated with poverty, and paradisiacal landscapes and little else. But it is a country with much more than that, and here we will try to show you a little of what a different country does.

1. It is an environmental destiny of great world-wide fame

As you have seen throughout the month on its beaches, nature reserves, islands, and other natural paradises, almost all in full reserves and national parks, is the spawning site for whales and dolphins, and home of leatherback turtles.

As if that were not enough, there are more than 100 volcanic formations throughout the country and has more than 100 volcanic mountains throughout the country.

And we have not mentioned that it owns 5% of the world’s biodiversity, at only 0.03% of its surface: more than 10% of the world’s butterflies live here, and more than 20,000 species of spiders.

2. The nation of Costa Rica is a country without an army

Perhaps it is one of the best known things of the Tico country. Costa Rica is one of the 23 countries in the world that eliminated their national army, advocating peace with this gesture.

The abolition happened on December 1, 1948, after the end of the civil war that had lasted 44 days, and which resulted in the Second Republic of Costa Rica. That day, Jose Figueres, he took a hammer and destroyed a wall, symbolizing the end of the military spirit of the nation of Costa Rica. In 1986, Army Abolition Day was declared. They have not had any war since.

In addition, it has little police, only 14,000 police in the whole country, and is one of the safest sites in Latin America, there are more teachers than police, and has a literacy rate of 98%.

3. It is the happiest country in the world

In 2014, Happy Planet Index, which measure the happiness of countries based on life expectancy, ecological footprint, access to education, etc. They do a ranking in more than 200 countries.

The nation of Costa Rica was considered the happiest in the world, followed by Colombia and Vietnam.

4. It is the country of the pirates

Costa Rica today, was the refuge of pirates of the sixteenth century. Pirates are legendary, looting boats loaded with treasures, jewels, gems, doubloons, but also attacked cities, set them on fire and did all sorts of misdeeds. The pirates, mostly English and French, took refuge in what is now the nation of Costa Rica.

And they do not let it pass, they make routes where there are hidden treasures or sunken ships, like Drake Bay, where Sir Francis Drake hid a treasure in the seventeenth century. Today it is in the heart of Corcovado National Park. Also Caño Island, and many other sites. Costa Rica remains the country of pirates.

5. It is a self-sustaining country

The nation of Costa Rica, besides being blue and red, like its flag, is green. Totally green. The 100% of its energy produced, does not come from energies based on fossil resources, but based on the hydroelectric and geothermal energy.

The only bad thing is that depending on hydroelectric plants, they depend totally on the level of water, something that depends on the level of rainfall, so independence is not total throughout the year.

As you can see, Costa Rica is more than beaches and diving, it is a happy, green, exciting country with a history behind it, which is world famous, at least part of it.

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