50% of Those Who Died on the Costa Rican Roads between January and April 2021 Where Traveling by Motorcycle

Speeding, recklessness, lane invasion and driving under the influence of alcohol are some of the most frequent causes of fatalities on the Costa Rican roads, from which motorcyclists do not escape.

Fifty percent of all deaths

So far this year, 68 people lost their lives in an accident when they were traveling in this type of vehicle, four of them as companions.This figure represents 50% of the total of 137 road deaths reported in the first four months of this year.This number far exceeds other types of motor vehicles that, together, add 40 deaths, cyclists, who accumulate 8 fatalities, and 21 pedestrian deaths.

Since 2014, the vehicle in which the most people die is the motorcycle; Even in the first four months of 2020, 49 motorcycle deaths were reported, much less than the 68 in 2021, hence the concern of the authorities. It is an increase of 39%.

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