A lagoon turns pink in Argentina due to pollution

(CRHoy.com) A lagoon located in the municipality of Trelew, in the province of Chubut, in Argentine Patagonia, is dyed pink due to industrial pollution caused by fishing companies. In addition to the intense color, they are perceived foul smells, there is a proliferation of insects and other vectors, according to Argentine media.

The lagoon is located within the lands of the Chubut Development Corporation (Corfo) in Trelew.

The waste dump into the lagoon is done by the group Rawson Ambiental Sociedad Anónima (RASA), made up of fishing companies, including Iberpesca, Cabo Vírgenes, Fyrsa, Veraz, La Costillita and Food Partner, Clarín reported.

The dumping of waste is allowed by agreement that the business group signed with the Government of Chubut and the municipality of Rawson, but not with the municipality of Trelew, which is affected.

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