A last minute Olympic call

(CRHoy.com) A last minute call allowed Neshy Lee Lindo fulfill her dream of being in the Olympics.

The 18-year-old taekwondo player will be in Tokyo after a Chilean athlete tested positive for COVID-19.

When looking at the rankings, Neshy was the highest ranked athlete after the qualifier held in Costa Rica in March 2020, in which she had obtained third place (only 2 from the continent classified).

“I don’t even know how to feel, I feel happy, sad, excited (…) I will try to make the most of that opportunityLindo commented.

The first medal for Costa Rica in the Pan American Games in Lima 2019 had been achieved by Lindo, who competes in the 57 kilogram category.

I kept training super hardHe mentioned.

This is how, almost without expecting it, Neshy Lee Lindo achieved her dream of being in her first Olympic jousts.

His participation will be on Sunday, July 25 (the time is not confirmed yet).

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