A signing that did not play a full game and was very expensive for Cartaginés

David Muller Sportivo Belgrano

San José, July 28 (elmundo.cr) .- Cartaginés brought a player from Argentina in 2019 who only played 46 minutes and for which he must pay an amount of $ 18 thousand.

The Club Sport Cartaginés must cancel a sanction filed by the Player Status Committee and the FIFA Disciplinary Committee for the payment of an economic amount in favor of an Argentine club for the training rights of a player, as reported by Fedefutbol to this medium after a consultation we made.

In addition, they told us that because it is a private matter, they cannot provide details of the name of the team and the player involved in the matter.

However, one of the issues that the misty team had to face recently is the unilateral rupture of a loan contract that it signed with the player David Muller, from Sportivo Belgrano, in 2019.

According to the digital site El Periódico de Argentina, this Argentine team initiated a legal process in which it asked Cartaginés for the payment of $ 18 thousand for the unilateral breaking of Muller’s contract.

“Sportivo Belgrano will have to collect more than 18 thousand dollars as a fine for the Cartaginés of Costa Rica, after the Central American club terminated the contract to David muller before the end of the loan year.

“The ruling was issued on September 24 by the Judge of the Player Statute Commission, Castellar Guimarães Neto (Brazil), who gave rise to the” green “lawsuit,” detailed the publication dated October 1 2020.

According to the publication, the Costa Rican team breached a detailed clause in the contract with the player.

“It should be remembered that Sportivo had loaned David Muller to Cartaginés de Costa Rica, but in a clause it indicated that the club could not return the player before the end of the year and if it did so it would have to pay a fine of 18 thousand dollars .

”At the time, in negotiations with Leonardo vargas -son of the president of Cartaginés- an agreement had been reached that the amount would drop to 8,000 dollars. However, the Costa Rican club did not comply with it, the player terminated his contract, the loan was also terminated and it was transferred to Estudiantes de Río Cuarto with a purchase option ”, the publication mentions.

It also adds: “The ruling indicates that Cartaginés will have to pay 18 thousand dollars with an annual interest of 5% for delay, that is, 0.4% per month, which brings the figure to date to 18,648 dollars.”

Cartaginés breached a payment arrangement. The same media published on January 9, 2020 that Sportivo Belgrano would sue the Costa Rican team before FIFA for failing to comply with a payment agreement for dismissing Muller before the agreed deadline.

According to the president of the club at the time, Pablo Esser, he agreed with Leonardo Vargas (son) a reduction in the amount established in the contract and that only $ 8,000 would be paid.

However, from one moment to the next, the calls were no longer answered at the ‘Fello’ Meza and the agreement was not canceled.

For that reason, he proceeded before FIFA for the total amount of $ 18 thousand.



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