A successful Olympic family legacy

(CRHoy.com) Andrés Sancho played the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games and today his son Ian Ignacio prepares to compete in the Tokyo 2021 jousts.

Judo in the Sancho family is so important that Julián, Ignacio’s younger brother, also practices the sport and will serve on Asian soil as their coach.

Both are currently trained by their father Andrés.

I remember my father training since I was little, sharing with him. Is something specialIgnacio commented.

The Costa Rican athlete will compete at -66 kilograms.

Sancho got the ticket to Tokyo thanks to staying with a continental seat. He played it against other Pan-American athletes and thanks to his 69th position in the ranking, he won a space.

“They are years of struggle, of many good and bad and satisfying experiences. It is a joy that life gives you that opportunity to fulfill the Olympic dream“, he claimed.

In judo, Costa Rica has never managed to win a match at the Olympics, so that will be Sancho’s first challenge in Tokyo.

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