Agustín Lleida considers that Bryan Ruiz is a vital piece in La Sele and Alajuelense

San José, July 28 (elmundo) .- Agustín Lleida, Alajuelense sports director, considers Bryan Ruiz to be an important player for La Sele and La Liga.

This Tuesday Lleida was consulted about everything that is spoken around the 10th, a sector of the fans considers that coach Luis Fernando Suárez should put it aside in the next calls.

For his part, the player is aware that in the Gold Cup he suffered the rhythm of the game and that his continuity does not depend on himself.

In addition, he recalled that he comes from a few weeks of vacation after the final phase of the League of Nations and that this took its toll on his rhythm and that of other teammates.

Lleida explains that Ruiz has a different value in his team and that he is sure that Suárez thinks the same.

“Bryan Ruiz is an indispensable player, both in La Liga and in the national team. It is because he is a player who gives you things that another player does not.

“For example, Alonso Martínez gives you a lot of good things, very good numbers, but he doesn’t give you the things that Bryan gives you, for example,” said the sports manager.

In addition, he added that a team needs that mix of experience and youth.

“A group has to have different characteristics in its players, and I am sure that as we value it, Prof Suárez also values ​​it. He is a man with a lot of experience, who is looking for his third World Cup and with three different teams and that is not achieved by just anyone. He knows that having Bryan inside, he will help him with some things, that is why I think he is indispensable in both places, “the manudo detailed.

Luis Fernando Suárez mentioned on his arrival in the country that as long as the captain has the willingness to want to be in La Sele, there is always room for him.



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