Alajuelense explains that he will not give away the talent of his players to those who want them abroad

Agustín Lleida is the sports director of Liga Deportiva Alajuelense. Photo: Alajuelense

Alajuela.- Alajuelense will seek not to “give away” to its players when negotiations are presented with an interested team.

Inquiries frequently come to the sports manager’s desk, however the handymen have a policy not to venture into any offer that knocks on the door for their projection pieces.

As Agustín Lleida explained in a press conference, in Costa Rican soccer there is a practice that players go abroad for an amount that could be higher.

For example, Jurguens Montenegro left for Bolivia and the Manuda squad will receive a significant amount for the loan.

In addition, he hopes that the purchase option will be finalized and with this reach the second best transaction in manuda history, after the departure of Froylán Ledezma to Ajax in the Netherlands at the end of the 90’s.

In this medium we know that the liguistas handle inquiries for Fernán Faerron and Alonso Martínez. But the output amounts are high.

“We value them and always with common sense. In the end, an amount will not be asked that is not worth what the player himself is. We don’t want them to look for us because the players give away here, we want them to look for us because of the quality of each one of them, we want to change that perspective, ”Lleida said.

He also explained that he is not closed in listening to economic amounts because there is also the player’s part.
“I cannot close on the amounts. Nor am I going to sacrifice the players when they are presented with three or four times more than what they earn here, it has already happened with Moya, Ariel Lassiter and now Montenegro ”, explained the handy manager.

Departure from Montenegro to soccer in Bolivia. “We are very happy for Jurguens, he comes out perhaps to what is possibly the largest group in the world such as City. And hopefully this is the door for many other kids in our project to get out.

“When a player leaves we have to think about who can replace him, according to that we will analyze things to make the best decision.

Departure amounts from Jurguens Montenegro. “I cannot give you details about the amounts because they are private data. But it is a loan paid off quite well, I can tell you that 40% or 50% more than what they gave us for Jonathan Moya (in South Korea) and that if the purchase option is specified, in one year, it would be the second highest transaction in La Liga history after Froylán Ledezma ”.

Minutes to young people. “Yes, we always look for that. Last year we did a little more than 7 thousand minutes in Under-21 players, we did not do it because it is a norm, we did it because this is our project. Thanks to that, there are many interested parties asking about our players in search of taking them to their projects ”.

They will occupy the fourth place abroad.“We will value the options that exist in the Costa Rican market as those that can be valued abroad.”

What is the way to bring a reinforcement? “The reinforcements arrive according to what is out of the market and in our economic possibilities. For example, I have a stipulated economic amount and I decide if I spend it on 15 players or 25. If I spend it on 15, I could have a very good quality squad. In the case of the departure from Montenegro, we will assess. But we have Andrés Gómez and Doriam Rodríguez. Also to Marcel (Hernández) and Johan (Venegas) who were the players with the most goals in the previous semester ”.

Will young players have a choice? “To get out your wallet you have to have something inside. But we will value. It already happened to us at the time with the departure of Ariel Lassiter. We always look within and at that moment Alonso Martínez took advantage of the opportunity and we already see the player he is today ”.

Offers for Alonso Martínez? “Luckily we have changed that, now there are recurring questions from our young players. Alonso Martínez has aroused the interest of several clubs.

”There is nothing concrete yet. But for Alonso Martínez to come out, it has to be an offer like Montenegro’s, which is the second most important in the club’s history ”.



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