Alvarado asks the opposition not to make populism with the IMF agenda

( .- The president, Carlos Alvarado, asked the opposition to feel clear positions on the projects related to the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to increase the rates of some taxes.

According to Alvarado, it is time for the opposition to be clear about whether it does not want to approve the project agenda that the government proposed to support its agreement with the financial body.

This Thursday, the president affirmed that if the legislative groups do not want to approve the initiatives that his government put on the table, they must propose other politically and economically realistic alternatives.

What he does not share, he said, is that the opposition is limited to rejecting, without arguments, the agenda parallel to the agreement.

“It is not worth saying ‘I do not agree’. We are at a juncture where Costa Rica is waiting for the political groups to fully state their position because if they say ‘I do not agree’, they have to put forward a politically and economically realistic position that remedies that (…). It is the moment when the doors of ambiguity, even populism, open. It is time to be very clear, “he said.

Alvarado said that if any group suggests spending cuts, they should be required to say where and when; If what he suggests is to sell state assets to alleviate the crisis, the president asks that tell which public institutions should be sold.

If they say that what you have to do is raise other taxes, tell them which taxes and how much. The Government has already put its proposal, has already put its cards on the table, so I think that if there are political actors to whom those letters, which we are willing to negotiate, want to modify, we are willing to talk about that, but that this ( the fiscal reform) has to advance, it has to advance, by Costa Rica, by the Government and mainly so that the next Government has room to maneuver economically ”, he affirmed.

Carlos Alvarado insisted on the benefits of projects such as charging more for the tax on “luxury” houses with prices higher than ¢ 150 million.

He added that others, such as reform of the Customs Law and the tax on lottery prizes will benefit the country.

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