ambition and love for cycling marked the route to Tokyo

( Provide the highest number of UCI points for the country, It was what opened the doors of the Tokyo Olympic Games to the national cyclist María José Vargas.

At the discretion of the technicians of the Cycling Selection, Vargas has had a consistent and well-planned preparation for maximum sporting competition.

The passion for cycling was born to Vargas when he was 18 years old and he was getting ready to compete in the National Games of Bagaces, today the story is different, he refines details to say present in the maximum sports fair.

“I had only two months of coming doing planned training before arriving at the National Games in Bagaces and Since then my life changed by staying in cycling.

Years later, I signed my first contracts with professional teams, the National Games were the impetus that led me to have more ambition for this sport and today they are taking me to the Olympic Games ”, commented Vargas.

María José currently runs for an Italian team and has been a legionary since 2018 when she was hired by the Mexican professional team Swapit.

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