Audios reveal terror after heavy rains in Northern Zone

( A series of audios shared through WhatsApp allow us to understand the hours of fright and pressure that residents of the North Zone lived after the heavy rain last weekend.

Communications, held between neighbors of Boca San Carlos (border with Nicaragua), were published by the Municipality of San Carlos through Facebook.

This town is located a few meters from the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

The downpours that occurred between Friday and Saturday caused flooding in the local school and they even “united” the channels of the San Carlos and San Juan rivers.

According to the version of the residents of that town, a group of people tried to get to safety at the school, but the rains and the rise in water level created the worst scenario.

“It was like horror. He says that they had to be careful killing snakes, because some tremendous snakes came to them where they were in a classroom, all in, with the water almost up to their necks. The school totally covered and the college. They prayed and said: we have all come this far and we are not going to be saved. They thought of opening their eyes and sunrise in Nicaragua”, Details one of the people close to those who were at the Boca San Carlos school.

The force of the floods, together with the rising rivers, it made the San Juan and San Carlos rivers “carry away everything in their path.”

Those who were at risk within the local school were rescued by a man who arrived aboard a boat. Apparently, a total of 60 people were affected because of the rains in this border town.

“In Boca San Carlos there was nothing left. The water reached the roof of the school and up to the roof of the school ”, commented the relative of those affected.

The Municipality of San Carlos asked the Executive Power to decree an emergency for the canton to quickly intervene in the affected areas.

As of this Monday, some 200 neighboring families of the canton remained in shelters and 47 affected routes were reported.

“The presentation that they have given us today (Monday) shows the impact that the canton has had in its 12 most affected districts. Among them, Boca San Carlos, which has been greatly affected. We have been able to visualize it in different photographs.

“Humanitarian aid is being requested through the newspapers, to serve the entire population, and the care of all cantonal and national roads that the canton has,” explained Yamileth Mata Dobles, executive director of the National Emergency Commission ( CNE), who was visiting this Monday in the municipality of San Carlos.

The CNE explained that they are waiting for a report from the local emergency committee to make a determination on the inclusion of San Carlos in the national emergency decree as a result of the weekend rains.

María José Corrales, deputy of the National Liberation Party (PLN), asked the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, to declare a state of emergency as soon as possible. This due to the great effects that many areas of the country have presented, mainly the Huetar Norte region, in which the ravages of the rains are very notable.

According to Corrales, the effects are concentrated in many of the districts of San Carlos, Guatuso, Los Chiles, Upala and Río Cuarto.

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