authorities study return to face-to-face classes

Tegucigalpa, Jul 20 (VOA) – The return to face-to-face classes in the public and private educational system in Honduras does not yet have a defined date and the authorities say they are still in the process of preparing a strategy that takes into account the behavior of the COVID-19 and the progress of the vaccination campaign in urban and rural areas.

According to data from the Observatory of Education in Honduras, to date more than a million minors are outside the educational system, with fewer in rural areas of the country, where the incidence of COVID-19 cases is not so high.

The Minister of Education, Arnaldo Bueso, explained that the plan to return to classes is still underway, but without a defined date.

“We are preparing ourselves, creating conditions to open eventually. We don’t know when, but we do have the strategy that explicitly takes the biosecurity classes under biosecurity, ”he said.

Likewise, some schools under the modality of blended classes are testing a staggered program of attendance of students of one grade per day as a pilot project, but so far it has not had clear results.

Onán Cálix, leader of the Honduran teaching profession, affirms that the slow vaccination process, as well as the lack of strategies, are conditioning factors for not returning to the classroom.

“If we do not sit down to carry out a strategic plan for the following school year, it will be impossible to return to the classroom and the authorities have not sat down with us to lay the foundations or return,” said Cálix.

For its part, the Government of Honduras announced that another batch of vaccines against COVID-19 will soon arrive through the COVAX system to continue with the vaccination campaign.



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