Bajos del Toro: a magic place to visit in Costa Rica!

Do you love that feeling of being in a place that makes you feel full of positive energy and peaceful? A place that takes all your problems away and connects you with nature,well, let us tell you that you must go to Costa Rica. In this occasion we went to Bajos del Toro in Alajuela, in this blog we want to let you know why this is one of the most perfect vacations destiny.

First, to get there is very easy, you can use a GPS and just put the destination and the road is easy for all kind of cars, there are also tourist packages if that works better for you, for this place public transportation is not a good option, the place is a remote place away from the city. All about this ride is amazing, the entire road is full of landscapes and you will be surrounded by different kind of tall trees, then you will see the down town of this nice and quiet zone, local people are “puravida” (friendly) and if you need help they will give it to you. In Bajos del Toro we went to this tourist place: Catarata Tesoro Escondido, that means “Hidden Treasury Waterfall”, and yes, is without a doubt a treasury once that you get there.

In this place you must pay around $8 and you can start the journey, you must walk around 30 minutes to get to the main waterfall, all this time you will see the nature, the view is green everywhere, just beautiful!. To get to this big waterfall you must go through mud, big rocks and cross the river, a total adventure experience. At the waterfall you can swim on the blue water, is magical, all the connection between the clean and perfect water, all the trees, the plants and the sound of the birds singing is just a moment that make you realize the beauty of life. But that’s is not all, there also a lot of natural pools to hang out and spend some time or even make some jumping from the hills!

Definitely, if we are taking about enjoy nature and adventure and have unique memories about one of the most beautiful places on earth come to Costa Rica and visit Bajos del Toro in Alajuela, trust us, you will not regret it.

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