Being a Father Is Not Having Measures Of Time Or Conditions

In Costa Rica, Fathers day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. The date was adopted from the United States, taking Saint Joseph as an example.

Fathers with a hero cape, for the little ones

From the moment a person is born, the figures of both the mother and the father are indispensable, especially in the process of their growth. Many people take into consideration the phrase: “the father is the one who raises, dedicates his time and love”, and well, this is totally true.

Until children grow up, having the father figure share every moment, making himself present even if he has to be distant on various occasions, is to reflect him as a man with a hero’s cape.

Even those who grow up without a father, spend their lives wondering what that person would be like, many seek them after they are adults. That is why, we emphasize, that the father figure is essential for the emotional development of children.

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Examples for a lifetime

Parents should be honored every day, second, minute. However, the celebration is timely to make the relationship grow, make it closer and show affection, which is very significant.

In the Pandemic

With the Pandemic, everything has taken a huge turn, due to the fact of living together longer. In days of confinement the dedication of fathers has gained momentum, of course, in days of confinement. Although this should be as constant as possible.

Being a parent is doing magic with everything in the child’s environment, while still giving value to the principles, which are important for a good social development.

Being a father is knowing how to share tasks with mom and move forward positively.

Being a parent is making mistakes and learning, it is insisting and giving all the love possible in every action

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The time is now

If you are one of those parents who is reluctant to collaborate, this can be a great day to start changing some things. Perhaps a father has not yet had the “opportunity” to change a diaper, tell a story, sing a lullaby, go for a walk, well today, it’s time …

In February, it was learned that the Costa Rican government would present a bill to the deputies so that, for a single time, Father’s Day will be a non-mandatory pay holiday this year, on Monday, June 21st.

The purpose of the Tico Executive branch is that the workers have a long weekend that allows them to go on vacation, in order to reactivate tourism. Although Father’s Day has always been the third Sunday in June…

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