Best time to travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country of centromérica, and it is important to have in mind that is a country where it rains throughout the year, it does not have dry and wet season like other countries. With this in mind we can better understand how climatology behaves in Costa Rica.

The temperatures are usually quite stable throughout the year, warm by the day and with a lttke bit cold in the night without being less than 14 degrees Celsius. Except in the high mountainous areas (above 700 meters of altitude) in which temperature reach 7 degrees Celsius, like Irazú Volcano and the Chirripó.

Best time to visit Costa Rica downtown

The area of ​​the Costa Rican center including its capital, San José, is known as “The Eternal Spring”. Due to the green color of its forests and to its warm and pleasant temperature during the day.

The rains are unpredictable, occur almost all year round, allowing forests and jungles to look unrivaled.

Best time to travel to beach areas in Costa Rica

If you want to enjoy the best Costa Rican beaches we have two options

Costa Rica Pacific Coast

Like the great majority of the Central American countries, the coastal zones of the Pacific Ocean that bathes Costa Rica have two clearly differentiated stations:

The wet season that runs from June to November. It is the time when there are more rains throughout the year in Costa Rica. These precipitations come to be stormy in the months of September and October, in addition is a season conducive for stronger winds which attracts surfers at this time of year.

The dry season that goes from December to May: It is the zone in which less rain, even in this season can receive rains punctually at the end of the day. But they are pleasant rains that refresh the environment and are appreciated.

Costa Rica Caribbean Coast

The temperature throughout the year is around 25 degrees Celsius and unlike in the Pacific there are no differences between dry season and wet season. Although there is a time when the rains are somewhat more abundant, this usually coincides with the months of October to February.

These rains usually have a behavior similar to sunny and warm days and at the end of the afternoon clouds can be left to discharge. The month of July is also a month prone to rain.

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