between firefighters and Route 32 to go to Tokyo

( After hours of uncertainty and a nervous morning, finally the surfer Carlos “Cali” Muñoz you are at the airport ready to make your dream of being in Tokyo come true.

24 hours ago, the surfer was in the Caribbean of the country training, without imagining that at night he would receive a call that would change his life.

And it is that Muñoz was warned that a place was opened to be in the Olympic Games and the athlete did not hesitate to move across the country to meet the goal.

He was even helped by Guápiles firefighters to be able to cross Route 32, get PCR tests done in the early morning and be ready to board a flight first to Los Angeles and another to Tokyo.

“I am grateful to everyone for the support
. Everything happens at the last minute and without you, everything that happened in a few hours would not be possible.

Between the firefighters who took me out of the Caribbean at 1:00 am to the clinic for the test and my family, we are making this a reality.

I go very motivated and eager to compete, I hope in God to arrive well, safe and sound and we are going forward, “he told Muñoz.

Now what Cali needs is that due to weather conditions, it is delayed the beginning of the discipline in the Olympics and can arrive on time.

“We hope that due to the conditions the start is postponedWe have already done everything necessary to get there ”, he added.

The surf tests They are to start this Sunday, July 25, but a typhoon is expected to delay the start of the first or second round.

The Costa Rican will not be disqualified if not competed in that first stage, but he needs to have a delay for the second round and he can compete. Despite the risk, the NOC decided to take it and guarantee Muñoz’s presence in Tokyo.

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