Border Policemen manage to lift baby from flood

( – Three Border Policemen They managed to get a baby out of a major flood in Sixaola.

The events would have occurred this Friday as a result of the emergency that is experienced in everything the South Caribbean and the North Zone.

The information was confirmed by the press office of the Ministry of Security, from which they indicated that they are contacting the officers to obtain more information.

It is unknown whether it is a boy or a girl. The video shows that a major flood affects the homes in the area and three officers, helped with a rope and other neighbors, manage to remove the child from the place where he was. A policeman carries him in his arms, preventing the water from dragging them away, until he manages to hand him over to another who is in a safe area.

At this moment there are 606 people sheltered and 2 missing due to the rains. The cantons of Sarapiquí, Matina, Turrialba, Limón centro and Talamanca are on red alert.

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