Brisa Hennessy says goodbye to the Olympics with a great performance

San José, July 26 ( .- Costa Rican surfing made history with Brisa Hennessy’s performance at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The national athlete disputed the pass to the semifinals against the American Caroline Marks, favorite to take the Olympic gold of the discipline.

La tica scored 6.83 and his rival achieved a score of 12.50.

Brisa was the protagonist of a great representation for our country. The athlete is number eight in the world in her category and undoubtedly left the country high.

The national began with a wave that gave him 1.17, in the next presentation before the judges he managed to raise his slate with a 0.80.

For the closing of the ‘heat’, in the last 10 minutes, Brisa managed to add a 4.83 to get fully into the fight.

With six minutes to go, Marks shone again and took a wave of more than 5 points with which he got an advantage over Brisa of 7 points, before this it was difficult for the national team to come back.

The Costa Rican fought and tried to the end. But what it has undoubtedly achieved is that Costa Rica feels tremendous pride in its participation.



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