Brisa Hennesy will seek the semifinals of surfing against the great favorite to win gold

San José, July 26 ( .- Brisa Hennesy is the national athlete that has the country with enormous expectations for her presentation this Monday night (7:00 pm).

The surfer will now have to overcome Caroline Marks. According to experts in this sport, she is the great favorite to win the Olympic gold.

Undoubtedly, the challenge is enormous, the Costa Rican is facing a young American who averages 15 points each time she goes on stage.

For example, in the third round Marks achieved a rating of 15.33 over her opponent, the Japanese Mahina Maeda, who barely had a mark of 7.74.

The national managed to advance to this round with a score of 12 units by beating New Zealander Ella Williams who had a record of 7.73.

Carlos Brenes, a Costa Rican surf specialist, told La Nación newspaper that Henessy’s challenge is huge because he will run into the number one surfer for the Olympic medal.

“Caroline Marks has done too much at a young age, she is fast, explosive, she is very sure of herself, she never falls, she comes from Florida, which has a wave very similar to the ones that are running in Japan. There are better female surfers than her in the competition, but due to the conditions of the competition, without a doubt, she is the great favorite ”, he affirmed.

For Brenes it will be vital that the native of Matapalo remains calm in the ‘heat’ in order to have a good choice of waves.

“If you keep it safe, she can fight a lot. Brisa comes from running the world tour in the highest category. Brisa’s best results have been achieved in Asia: in China she won a Prime, she reached the semifinals in Indonesia, ISA world champion in Japan when she was racing for Hawaii; so she has a connection with that area, hopefully she can continue developing it, “he said.



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