Bryan Ruiz considers that Luis Fernando Suárez is the one who decides his continuity in La Sele

San José, July 25, 2021 ( – Bryan Ruiz leaves in the air his continuity in the Costa Rican National Team.

The historic midfielder said on Sunday after the game against Canada that it will be a decision of coach Luis Fernando Suárez his permanence in the Tricolor.

“Whether I’m going to continue or not, you have to talk to the coach,” the midfielder said at the press conference.

The captain of the national team had a discreet participation in the 2021 Gold Cup, his ownership was not indisputable and the round-trip game exposed him at times. That circumstance he never denied. The week before, he explained that at 36 there are moments in the game in which he needs more dynamics.

“We agree that we are not in the best rhythm, we came from a few weeks of vacation. In an age like mine it costs.

“The teacher is going to decide if I’m going to play or not, I played this tournament with great enthusiasm because I knew it was my last Gold Cup,” explained the 10 national.

About the game. Ruiz is aware that in this Sunday’s game Canada beat them on all sides.

“Today Canada completely surpassed us. We had a plan that was not fulfilled and, although there was desire and dedication, we failed in the tactical part collectively and individually.

“It is no excuse, but we have three weeks of work with the coach, it is a short time for there to be a little more,” Ruiz concluded.

Costa Rica was eliminated this Sunday from the Gold Cup, the rival made it clear that if La Sele wants to be a protagonist towards the road to Qatar 2022 there must be a significant amount of work with Suárez.



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