‘Cali’ Muñoz failed to fulfill his Olympic dream and the odyssey ended in accusations

San José, July 25, 2021 (elmundo.cr) – Carlos ‘Cali’ Muñoz did not manage to fulfill his Olympic dream no matter how much he tried to get to Japan to compete and it all ended between signals from the sectors involved.

The Costa Rican surfer had his main rival on his watch, the surfer received the invitation to compete on Friday night and was due to arrive this Saturday night on Asian soil. This was not possible.

‘Cali’ managed to leave Costa Rica with the help of the Guápiles Fire Department, Pococí, Limón. The athlete managed to pass the Zurquí hill to reach San José and undergo a PCR test in a private hospital. The test came back negative and he was able to travel to the United States.

On North American soil, he started a second test, he lost the Japan Airlines connection and had to find another flight, so time did not let up and he did not manage to arrive in time for the start of the competition.

After this came the accusations and the tireless search for culprits by Costa Ricans on their social networks.

Tamara Futch, Muñoz’s partner, denounced that the National Olympic Committee (CON) was negligent in what happened.

“After more than three hours out of three hours of trying to manage the signing of a letter by Mr. Henry Nuñez, president of the NOC, with the aim that the organization postpone round two, Mr. Núñez did not sign the letter and did not He officially sent it, so Cali Muñoz will have to return to Costa Rica, without fulfilling his dream, “said Futch on his social networks.

Wálter Brenes, Muñoz’s lawyer, assured that there was also no will on the part of the NOC to request the delay of the second competition.

According to Brenes, with a few calls he got the International Surfing Association (ISA) to assess the possibility of delaying round ‘2’ so that Carlos could arrive; however, they asked him to do a formal process through the National Olympic Committee (CON). That letter, he said, was never signed by Henry Núñez, despite being begged for it. The lawyer showed what is supposed to be a copy of the letter, without any signature, according to the newspaper La Nación.

With this, Núñez and the NOC came out of the questioning.

“After reviewing possible flight schedules, the NOC informs the Federation that the earliest Carlos Muñoz could arrive in Tokyo is on July 26 in the afternoon and that the competition would be on July 25. In this situation, the Federation informs the NOC that the athlete may not appear for the first heat since it is not eliminatory and indicates that there may be a delay in the programming since there is a waiting period that is granted in surfing competitions in situations adverse weather conditions such as the typhoon that was expected in Tokyo and the low waves that were taking place. Given the arguments put forward by the Federation, the NOC begins the steps to bring it to Tokyo, ”the NOC detailed.

In addition, regarding air tickets, “at midnight on Friday in Costa Rica (3:00 pm on Saturday in Japan) the NOC buys tickets for Carlos Muñoz on a safe route and with clear times for connection. However, the Costa Rican Surf Federation buys other tickets with only one hour of time to make a connection between Los Angeles and Tokyo and on different airlines. The NOC warns that it is very likely that this ticket will be lost, a situation that finally occurred, ”said the NOC document.

In the end, Muñoz’s relatives consider that there was little collaboration on the part of CON and its president Núñez.

The National Olympic Committee and its hierarch consider that there was bad intention of the surfer’s relatives in publishing a letter without the respective signature when it was signed.

‘Cali’ Muñoz failed to fulfill his Olympic dream and it all ended in strong differences between the parties involved.



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