CCSS initiates vaccination of the group of 20 years and over

San José, Jul 28 ( – The Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) begins the vaccination against covid-19 of the group of 20 years and over from the morning of this Wednesday, July 28 in all health establishments.

Dr. Leandra Abarca Gómez indicated that the vaccination in each place will advance according to availability of doses.

The decision to lower the age group of 20 years responds to the interest of expanding access to the first dose to more population with and without risk factors.

Health areas will continue to immunize people assigned to their area, while hospital vaccination centers can assist people from anywhere in the country.

People must carry their identity card or Dimex to verify their personal data and make the proper registration. Resident foreigners must prove their immigration status up to date.

People must update their data in the Unique Digital Health Record (EDUS), appear in their health areas and in the places they have selected according to the different schedules that each vaccination place has scheduled.

All people must wear their mask, keep their distance during the queue and follow the instructions and instructions of the personnel in charge so that order is respected.

In case of having been vaccinated against influenza, it is requested that 14 days have passed to be vaccinated against covid.



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