Celso Borges lives a great Gold Cup and is on the verge of a new brand

Gustavo Jiménez / Fedef Fútbol Communication

San José, July 23, 2021 (elmundo.cr) – Doing A brief pause in the current Gold Cup, Celso Borges looks back and finds himself with a very long journey over the years that has already added 134 Class A matches with the National Team, in addition to many experiences and a goal that made history in the stadium where the Tricolor will play next Sunday.

If he is taken into account for that duel against Canada for the quarterfinals of the regional tournament, Celso will reach 135 games, one of the longest races with the Sele shirt.

The midfielder is contesting his sixth edition of the Concacaf tournament, a record for national footballers that he shares with another giant of the National Team, Bryan Ruiz. In addition, his 24 games in the contest also constitute a mark.

This Friday, in Dallas, Borges reflected on what such a long career means. “It would be an important figure (the possibility of reaching 135 games), I still do not measure it. It has been a very beautiful path, with many sacrifices, joys and learning too, ”he said.

The two-time World Cup major also saved words of affection for those who have accompanied him throughout this time. “I feel very happy and grateful to the colleagues, the technical bodies and the people of the Federation. You always have people around you and sharing a moment like this is the most beautiful thing, “he added.

But there is one more point: in 2009, when he was only 21 years old and was playing his first Gold Cup, Celso “inaugurated” the Dallas Cowboys stadium (today renamed AT & T for commercial rights) in a match against the Guadalupe National Team. , precisely also because of the quarterfinal phase.

This meeting was the first sporting event to be held in that stadium, an impressive mass with a capacity for 80,000 people that was just opening. Three minutes later, Borges spliced ​​a Chilean center Caya Alonso and nailed it to the Guadalupano goal: a score that will be forever in the historical showcase as the first celebration achieved there (Costa Rica advanced with a score of 5 to 1).

“Of course I remember the goal, it was the first in that stadium, which is beautiful. It has suited us very well and we have a good record playing there, hopefully we can celebrate it with another victory, “he said.

Celso doesn’t let nostalgia distract him too much, so at once he looks ahead: on Sunday at 5 pm the challenge from Canada awaits them. “It is a selection that has progressed a lot, it does things well,” he analyzed. Although he finished the interview with a vote of confidence towards the good performance of the Costa Rican team: “We believe in the way we have been working and we must continue with that conviction.”



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