“Central America in Action” will explore “performance” art in the region

(CRHoy.com) After almost two years of research work, the Mexican artist and researcher Pancho López presents the book “Central America in Action”, which was published by the MADC, at the invitation of Antonieta Sibaja Hidalgo, in collaboration with the Cultural Center of Spain in Costa Rica and the CAV La Neomudéjar Museum in Madrid, Spain.

In a little more than 150 pages, this book presents a historiographical journey of the performance and the artists who practice it in the Central American region.

With the sponsorship scholarship that was awarded by the Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo, López was able to travel through the countries of Central America, entering the action art scene from Guatemala to Panama.

Next Thursday July 29, a series of activities will be carried out for the official presentation of the book. These will be behind closed doors at MADC but broadcast live through its Facebook Live platform.

In addition to conversation tables, they will be integrated performances live and a photographic exhibition that will take place in person at the Cultural Institute of Mexico in Costa Rica (from the Embassy of Mexico) at 6 pm where live performances will also be presented. This activity has a limited capacity for 35 people and those interested must register in advance in the mail [email protected]

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