“Chepito”, the Oldest Costa Rican, Dies At 121: We will remember him

José Uriel de los Ángeles Delgado Corrales, known as “Chepito”, passed away on the night of this May 27th at the age of 121. He was the oldest Costa Rican.

His death occurred at 8:30 p.m. and it was confirmed by the care coordinator of the Home for the Elderly of Piedades de Santa Ana, Inés Elena Arias Araya. In addition, the Civil Consultation system of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) reported at the time of this publication that the death certificate was pending.

“A month ago he had been going down and down (in his health). He no longer wanted to eat, he could not walk. He faded away. And we already had seen him with the doctor who treated him and accompanied him in this process,” explained the elderly center official.

A big heart in a little body

On “Chepito”, Arias Araya highlighted: “We will remember him as a simple person, very humble and with great peace.” Adding: “And with a smile that conquered everyone’s heart.”

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