CNE enables a form for donations to communities affected by rains

Images courtesy of the CNE.

( .- After the large number of offers from people and companies that is present before the need of the population affected by a climate emergency, the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Attention (CNE) enabled a registration platform for the coordination of offers.

People or companies who wish to collaborate can enter the form “Offering humanitarian support”, located on the institution’s web platform at following link.

Once donors complete the form, CNE staff They will contact you to detail the offer and verify the viability of the good or service based on the specific needs of the population.

This was detailed by the Director of Risk Management of the CNE, Sigifredo Pérez, emphasizing that the platform makes the donation process visible to donors and the general population, and prevents unscrupulous people from taking advantage of the emergency for their own purposes.

All campaigns carried out and aid channeled must be registered and authorized by the CNE.

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