Comptroller warns about risk of government debt with CCSS

San José, Jul 21 ( – The Comptroller General of the Republic, Martha Acosta, drew attention to the weak financial sustainability that the Social Security Fund is going through, which is aggravated by the high debt of the central government with the institution .

As he warned the Special Commission that studies the situation of the Fund, the Central Government has reduced the current transfers that it makes to the institution, which ensured an impact on a greater growth of the State debt, which, as reported, amounts to more than two billions of colones.

He assured that the decrease in current transfers from the Central Government, as well as from other sources of financing show a decrease for the first quarter of 2021 of 34.2%.

Acosta emphasized that, if this situation continues in the remainder of the year, current income would be even more affected to cover the expenses of the insurance institution.

He highlighted that as of March 2021 the Ministry of Finance has not recognized as a debt with the CCSS the sum of ¢ 2,044,222 million, of which 81.2% corresponds to the SEM Sickness and Maternity Insurance and 18.8% to the IVM .

Deputy Shirley Díaz Mejía expressed her discomfort at the difference between the central government and the Caja, in the amount of the debt and assured that the part of the Comptroller’s job is to draw attention to this issue.

Regarding the IVM, which represents 30.5% of the total budget of the CCSS, he said that it shows risks due to the decrease in the contribution of those affected, as well as the reduction of working hours and closing of companies.

He expressed that a positive aspect is that there was a decrease in job losses during the first four months of this year, which contributes to improving the economic situation, but stressed that they are not enough for the institution to be in optimal conditions.

He also stated that the Income of the Fund presented an incremental behavior between 2015 and 2020 even during the pandemic, which is explained by the measures taken to recover investments and surpluses.

Deputy Patricia Villegas Álvarez drew attention to the warnings of the Comptroller’s Office about the financial situation of the Fund and the consequences on the sustainability of the institution

For her part, the legislator Catalina Montero Gómez suggested to the Comptroller Martha Acosta that the studies take into account the demographic change that is occurring in the country, which she said will affect the sources of income of the institution and the use of resources.



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