Conavi manager suspended for “Cochinilla” case announces appeal for protection against suspension of salary

San José, Jul 26 ( – The manager of conservation of roads and bridges of the National Highway Council (Conavi), Edgar May Cantillano, announced that he will go to Room IV to demand that his salary be returned ; while he remains suspended from his post for the investigations of the cochineal case.

This is how he made it known Monumental News, highlighting that “May is one of the 14 officials of the Conavi and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT) to whom the institution suspended the payment of wages for four months, after being ordered by the minister of the branch, Rodolfo Mendez Mata ».

Fernando Apuy, Edgar May’s lawyer, considered the measure adopted by the administration unfair. Therefore, he assured that “they will present, in the first instance, an appeal for protection.”

Additionally, the lawyer described the decision of the MOPT hierarch as “rogue.”

To back up his decision, the MOPT minister pointed out that the administration does not have the resources to pay additional salaries to people who replace suspended officials.

In addition, Méndez Mata argued that it is not possible to transfer all the work of the suspended officials to other employees of the institution, taking into account the high existing workload.



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