Costa Rica about to make history by banning hydrocarbon exploration

San José, Jul 28 ( – For the Costa Rica Drilling Free Movement, file number 20.641 “Law to advance in the elimination of the use of fossil fuels in Costa Rica and declare the national territory free from exploration and exploitation of oil and natural gas”Is the possibility for the country to make history by prohibiting the exploration of hydrocarbons, something that is in consequence, not only with the sustainable development policy of our country, but with the trend that the world is leading.

This project was prioritized yesterday by the Executive Power and with regard to the issue of oil exploration it has the support of the movement and its great variety of actors that includes institutions, groups, civil society organizations, SMEs, companies and industries.

The Costa Rica Drilling Free movement believes that this situation should be seized as a unique opportunity to make the country one of the first to declare itself free of drilling in the world. This movement has more than a year of being formed as a group of citizens, businessmen and organizations that has been organizing and preparing to address this issue in a serious and responsible way, bringing together experts and ideas to propose sustainable and regenerative economic reactivation options. and thus demystify the fallacies of the need for oil exploration in the country.

For Álvaro Cedeño Molinari, lawyer and spokesperson for the Drilling-Free Costa Rica Movement, our country already has all the necessary tools to continue growing and reactivating our economy through sustainable and regenerative initiatives and proposals.

“Coast Rica has several decades of experience in a development model oriented towards sustainability, renewable energies and the growth of human talent; If that reality and the opportunities that derive from it are reaffirmed as priorities, the future of Costa Rica will be more prosperous and profitable. And if we add to that that this is the trend that the planet is leading, we are rather in a position to lead and become pioneers at the international level; the eyes of the world are on Costa Rica, even more so now that we are members of the OECD”Cedeño commented.

The spokesperson added that the discussion of this initiative in the first debate comes at a key moment when the country could take advantage of this image boost at the international level to strengthen its reputation and support sustainable economic recovery in the face of the effects of the pandemic throughout the country.

A political decision with a global impact

Currently, Costa Rica, by executive decree, has a moratorium on oil exploitation until 2050. However, as it is an executive decree, subsequent governments have the possibility of canceling it. For this reason, this unprecedented opportunity to declare non-exploration by means of a Law would be a security step for the sustainable future of the country, which would once again put Costa Rica in the eyes of the whole world.

As it is a matter of national interest, beyond specific party interests, the Costa Rica Libre de Perforación movement calls on the deputies of the Republic to vote on this project in these last days of extraordinary sessions of the Legislative Assembly. If not, it would be essential for the heads of the banks represented in Congress to reconvene it as a national priority in the next period of ordinary sessions.

“We have the opportunity to celebrate the Bicentennial of our country as a world icon that sets the tone and trend towards the best possible future. This position allows us not only to direct attention to the country, but also resources to continue promoting sustainable economic reactivation projects, and opens up spaces for our knowledge to be exported and serve as a guide to many other countries and regions ”, Álvaro Cedeño commented.

With this decision, Costa Rica would be coinciding with the development policies of the main nations of the world. Just as an example, in May this year the International Energy Agency developed a roadmap to reach the net zero emissions target by 2050, in which it clearly calls for an immediate stop to the exploration of fossil fuels worldwide. In this context, together with the projections of a drop in profitability in the medium and long term, it would make no sense for the country to enter a market in which it has no experience, when it could continue to lead in those in which it has developed. under the banner of sustainability.

Beyond that, decarbonization is not only necessary for sustainable economic development, but also an act of coherence with our vision of human rights, with the protection of the people and communities most vulnerable to extreme climatic events aggravated by climate change. and to which Costa Rica is very vulnerable.

About the Costa Rica Drilling Free Citizen Movement (CRLP)

It is an ecosystem of more than 156 companies and organizations. It is a multisectoral movement, with a great variety of actors that includes institutions, groups, civil society organizations, SMEs, companies and industries.

This movement considers that the main engine of the economy is what the country brand of Costa Rica represents, and that the path of decarbonization will help protect and enhance the existing wealth in biodiversity, natural resources and human talent.

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