Costa Rica defeats Jamaica in a great collective game

San José, July 20, 2021 ( – Costa Rica leaves the leadership of its group in the Gold Cup with the best game in almost two years. A great collective game.

The Sele defeated (1-0) Jamaica in a solidarity match. Yes, supportive because the group ran for their partner when they needed it. It was evident to see how the wingers constantly came down to support their sides, David Guzmán and Allan Cruz showed sacrifice, the centrals very wise in their anticipations and coverage.

Joel Campbell was a warrior on the attack, he ran and sacrificed himself.

The rival was weighty and the Costa Ricans managed to respond. La Sele showed elaborate actions that make it clear that they are constant trials by Luis Fernando Suárez, ways by which the Tricolor managed to violate the Caribbeans.

That action in which the flyers relied on Joel so that the attacker pivoted with another teammate and he threw deep so that another Tico attacked the space and thus managed to carry the danger.

The rival is no longer the rival of yesteryear. Jamaica displays football, always with its physical strength but with good handling of the ball.

That was the Caribbean team that put the national to the test throughout the game.

Costa Rica managed to put the score in their favor at 53 ‘, Keysher Fuller managed to steal a ball and hit Lassiter for the midfielder to reach the baseline and take a cross headed by Bryan Ruiz. Golazo.

After there, the Ticos applied themselves in defense. Jamaica advanced its lines and the national also closed the spaces, a perfect job even with 10 men.

Guzmán threw a forced ball to Leonel Moreira and the Jamaican attacker intercepted the ball. He went hand in hand with a Costa Rican goalkeeper who shook down and had no other way than to touch the ball with his hands outside the area. Red

Esteban Alvarado took over and saved his team in two vital interventions.

The Sele made history in Orlando, winning all three games in the group stage when never in the history of the cup had been achieved.

The next rival will be the United States and it will be played next Sunday at 5:00 pm



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