Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, and the US Classified to the 2021

Costa Rica, The United States, Panama, and Guatemala won the pass to the 2021 Indoor Soccer World Cup in Lithuania and will star today in the semifinal of the regional championship carried out in Guatemala.

The quarterfinals of the tournament at the Domo Polideportivo showed the day before intense duels such as that of Guatemala and Salvadorans, defined in penalties (4-3) and others of pure commitment in the case of the Costa Rican squad against Suriname with an overwhelming score of 12- 1.

Ticos are the favorites

Thanks to their good game and forcefulness, the Ticos confirmed the favoritism with which they started this World Cup and appear as a strong candidate to prevail. Yesterday’s first match made clear the dominance of the United States against the Dominican Republic (2-0), while Panama beat Canada on penalties and obtained the third pass to the maximum date of coming September in Lithuania.

Guatemala, as host, got its fifth World Cup ticket, after a similar result in 2000, 2008, 2012 and 2016. They reached the group stage with two victories against the Dominican Republic 4-2 and then 4-3 against Trinidad and Tobago.

El Salvador, for its part, was second for the D key and gave Guatemala a hard time until the end in an agonizing penalty shootout with a favorable result for the country of eternal spring (4-3).

Along the way were the teams from Cuba -favorite for their history in the area-, but here with accumulated three setbacks, and Mexico, which ended with two defeats in a format of all against all that gives no truce to error.

Regional competition

The tournament began last Monday with the group stage, which brought together 13 teams in four keys, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago and the Dominican Republic for the (A); Panama, Mexico and Suriname (B); Costa Rica, Canada and Haiti (C) and Cuba, the United States, El Salvador and Nicaragua (D). The final match will be on Sunday 9th between the two best teams in this tournament, to be defined today.

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