Costa Rica Has a New Association of Interpreters and Mediators for LESCO

In this month of June, the LESCO Association of Interpreters and Mediators (ASIMEL) were officially created, a national organization that seeks to promote the professionalization of this work and protect the rights of those who exercise it.

“ASIMEL was born as a way to strengthen the figure of the LESCO interpreter, it seeks to respect their labor rights and also raise awareness about the need for academic training in this area,” said Magaly Fernández, President of ASIMEL.

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Seeking to grow

LESCO is the language of the deaf community, as established by Law 9822, Law of Recognition and Promotion of the Costa Rican Sign Language. Currently ASIMEL has 16 interpreters or mediators, but seeks to grow as academic training in this area advances in the country.

Those who wish to join ASIMEL can do so by requesting the information to the email: [email protected]

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