Costa Rica is still the leader of the pack

Despite the pandemic Costa Rica is still Latin America’s number one retirement haven.

We are slowly catching up on vaccinating the rest of the population. Because of the high education level of the country’s people, in most cases the protocols are being followed. Just look at the mortality statistics below. We are not out of the woods yet but are sure to pull out of this crisis because of our resilience.

There are the other so-called retirement havens: Mexico 222,000 deaths due to the virus and 250,000 due to drug violence in recent years. In fact, 43  candidates  have been killed so far this year. The country’s cartels are ruthless. Nothing on this scale has ever occurred in Costa Rica.

Panama almost 6,500 deaths due to the virus. And to think there are people promoting the country for retirement. Cheaper yes but, “Lo que algo vale, algo cuesta or lo barato sale caro”…You get what you pay for.

Colombia over 80,000 deaths because of the pandemic and riots in the streets because of its poverty (some of the worst in Latin America…45%). I love the country but it just cannot solve its social problems.

Nicaragua’s statistics cannot be trusted due to the Ortega dictatorship which is capable of disseminating lie after lie and suppressing its people. Many of the people in the opposition have been jailed, murdered or disappeared.

I rest my case.

Cases and mortality by country:

Case – Fatality %

  • Mexico: 9.2%
  • Ecuador: 4.8%
  • China: 4.7%
  • Bolivia: 4.0%
  • Peru: 3.5%
  • Guatemala: 3.2%
  • El Salvador: 3.1%
  • Italy: 3.0%
  • Australia: 3.0%
  • United Kingdom: 2.9%
  • Brazil: 2.8%
  • Honduras: 2.7%
  • Colombia: 2.6%
  • Nicaragua: 2.6%
  • Germany: 2.4%
  • Russia: 2.4%
  • Spain: 2.2%
  • France: 1.9%
  • United States: 1.8%
  • Canada: 1.8%
  • Panama: 1.7%
  • Japan: 1.7%
  • Costa Rica: 1.3%

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