Costa Rica Justa is born, new party for the 2022 elections

San José, Jul 28 ( – On Wednesday afternoon, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) formalized the registration of the Costa Rica Justa Party, facing the 2022 national elections.

On May 25, all the requirements requested by the Electoral Code for party registration were presented.

On that occasion, Dolanescu pointed out that the registration of the party means “that a new political formation, totally democratic, nationalist, patriotic will be born in the light of all Costa Ricans for the next elections.”

“In Costa Rica Justa we open the doors to all those patriotic Costa Ricans who want to change the national reality, who are already fed up with all the sweets that are happening in Costa Rica,” he added with the announcement of the delivery of documents for the registration of the match.

Likewise, the Executive Committee of the party is made up of Dragos Dolanescu as president, Jorge Vargas as secretary and Anabelle Soto as treasurer.

Dolanescu stated that “Costa Rica Justa will start the fight for the presidency of this country from today !!! It is with great pride and satisfaction that I inform you that our party is officially registered to participate in the presidential elections of 2022 ».

«Today we give the starting signal with a new route to a fairer Costa Rica. My eternal gratitude to all the people who made this important political achievement possible ”, he concluded.



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