Costa Rica must wake up

Chen we value the development of government efforts It is necessary to ask ourselves: does Costa Rica deserve the rulers what’s wrong with it? If you voted for the current disaster; I suggest that you meditate, study and do not fall back into deception and handling.

La confrontation with a individual status of disappointment and exhaustion, makes the motivation of the citizen to go to the polls is almost null.

CWe constantly hear that our country is a country rich in natural resources, has an exemplary democratic state and has a potential huge to guarantee the social welfare of its inhabitants, then; what happened to him legacy Of our ancestors? Why did impulsiveness, inability to manage, state incoherence and the social disinterest to the presidential house?

Hoy the Costa Rican faces an electoral process very complex and with a state of emergency, not only sanitary, but A state from political urgency and government action.

DEcades ago when the country was ruled by a consolidated bipartisanship, the shortcomings of the citizen were others; but government management was fluid and with suitable scenarios for dialogue and healthy discussion. Today is almost impossible sit down to negotiate to reach agreements; the interlocutors lack of authority, leadership and political capacity.

Costa Rica must strengthen their public institutions, merge them where it is considered necessary and do not weaken them. It seems that the enemies of our institutions they are in.

Lin need of a conscious vote by a suitable candidate to govern, obliges us to take into consideration the proposals come forward and analyze them responsibly. We must not vote on impulse.

Sstill drawing attention the variety and quantity of candidates for the presidency of the republic. I reiterate: who benefits that the votes are distributed among so many contenders? Here the winner will be the one who manages to motivate the majority of citizens who do not have a partisan commitment and who decide their vote at the last minute.

LThe presidential offer already contains women’s smell, at least three or four will be on the ballot, we have familiar faces, a former president, candidates repeated and recycled, also new faces with somewhat curious profiles who venture to apply.

ANDbequeath to the President of the Republic it’s not a game. Statistics show that majority of voters who attended the national elections of the 2014 Y 2018, are people with age between the 18 and 46 years. Is this our ideal generation to decide?

ANDWe face a world with a wide technology menu of tools for searching for information. Use technology to to study, analyze and inform with responsibility is what we need today. curiously many believe that by having skill in handling the keys and constantly go to “Google”, turns them into geniuses and owners of the truth.

COsta Rica must wake up, they were wrong who believed in ideals and in the ethical offer of the PAC.

ANDdear reader, our land is being victim of a total looting. Definitely have to go out to vote on Sunday February 6, 2022. I insist, voting is so much a right as a responsibility of each citizen of legal age, but it is also a exercise of absolute consciousness. Will genuine empowerment leadership emerge without falling into the populism to win? How many faces missing to add to the presidential ballot? We will talk about this and more next week, God first.


About the Author:

The author has a degree in International Relations. Legislative Advisor, international political analyst. It also develops processes for political training, community development and administration. [email protected].

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