Costa Rican Electoral Authorities Rules Out Virtual and Postal Vote

The only way Costa Ricans will be able to vote in the 2022 elections will be with the physical ballot at the polls. This was reiterated by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) after several proposals made in the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“No electronic device will be tested nor will remote voting (by mail or internet) be applied. The latter, remote voting, is unconstitutional in Costa Rica,” said the institution.

None of these measures, the Court added, would ensure the freedom and secrecy of the vote guaranteed by Article 93 of the Political Constitution. The TSE left it to the parties whether or not to hold open conventions to designate candidates. Most events of this type are planned for June and July.

Countries to hold elections during the Pandemic

In the year that the Pandemic has been going on, various countries have faced their elections in the midst of the health crisis. Except in the case of the United States, where voting by mail is enabled, Latin American countries had to adjust the biosafety protocols for the polls.

This happened in the Dominican Republic in July 2020 and in Bolivia during October. The same year, Chile celebrated the plesbicite for a new Constitution. For this year, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador and Peru will have strictly in-person processes.

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